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  • morrishem
    Sep 1, 2005
      Hi, my vet told me the same, that the coughing was an indication of
      fluid on the lungs. (however, before the HCM diagnosis he said it
      was likely due to asthma)

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, adawson1971@a... wrote:
      > I missed the original comment, but a cough was one of the things
      my vet
      > told me I definitely had to look out for when my cat was diagnosed
      > HCM. It seems to be an indication of fluid in the lungs. This I
      > definitely attest to. Moth did cough when there was fluid around
      > lungs.
      > As an aside, another of my cats was diagnosed with ashtma. He's
      also on
      > Flovent 220mg and prednisone. He has never coughed. Go figure.
      > (dianosed via x-rays taken for labored breathing and wheezing)
      > Annette
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      > From: cayvb <cayvb@y...>
      > --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Bab006@a... wrote:
      > > I know coughing is not a good sign, but how much coughing is
      > much.
      > Dear Bridget, I panicked too when my cat started coughing. My
      > was just diagnosed with asthma yesterday. I thought his coughing
      > related to his HCM but the vet said cats won't cough from heart
      > issues. So I would be cautious in increasing the Lasix. Anyone
      > willing to comment?
      > It just seems to make sense that coughing would be a symptom of
      > failure, attack, etc. She said that's true for humans and dogs
      but not
      > cats.
      > I also filled a prescription for FloventHFA 220 mcg, a
      > inhaler. I've given him 2 doses so far. That's a trip... giving a
      > an inhalant! His coughing has stopped (nothing since 5AM, it is
      now 5
      > PM)but his breathing is still a little labored but not open
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