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20478Re: [FH] Re: Sydney is a dope fiend

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  • marthe horn-Davis
    Aug 1, 2005

      I grow our own. I started some last spring from seed
      inside and then put it in the garden...Its perennial
      and returns each year.

      As far as safety ?? I don't know, I guess moderation
      is good, I just give them a leave about once a week
      or less and stay away from giving the flowers...just
      in case these are harmful.

      Marthe, Gina and Lenny

      Marthe, Gina and Lenny
      --- howdeeeyall@... wrote:

      The catnip you gave her before might have been old and
      weak. Most catnip
      sold in packages for cats is quite wimpy--it's been on
      the shelf much too long,
      or processed wrong. I get my catnip in the bulk herb
      department at the local
      health food store--it's much stronger. Best thing is
      to get the HFS to order
      you a new bag--that will be fresher still.

      Dry herbs only last about six months before they are
      too weak.

      I wonder if my Leo would respond to this. He's still
      getting over serious
      injury to his leg, and that's how we discovered that
      he has RCM. He is very,
      very inactive. I might try some (fresh) catnip. I
      tried growing catnip, but he
      used to totally destroy the plants in a few minutes.
      I'd have to protect the
      plants from his depredations!

      I'll wait and see what other people say about the
      danger of overstimulation
      with kitty dope!

      Judith in NC

      > In my year with the inscrutable Sydney (we adopted
      her at the age of
      > 12 when her former owners had to relocate to
      Australia), I never
      > noticed much interest in catnip. I reread parts of
      Anitra Frazier's
      > wonderful book this weekend, and was struck by her
      anecdotes about
      > the catnip-dispensing vet she once worked for. This
      vet believed
      > that catnip, in limited (no more than once a week)
      doses, was
      > therapeutic.
      > So I picked up some Cosmic Catnip this weekend and
      brought it home,
      > and had such a great experience! Sydney, who prides
      herself on
      > projecting disinterest whenever we're particular
      keen to get her to
      > do something, walked over and started rubbing her
      > face on the unopened carton.
      > I sprinkled just a pinch on the rug, and she was
      immediately rolling
      > and purring, so I offered her a good sniff of the
      container, and she
      > stuck her face in it and took a huge chomp.
      > For the next 20 minutes she was rolling, dancing and
      purring like
      > mad, so I got out her toys. Ever since she got sick
      six weeks ago,
      > she's not been interested in more than a little
      play. Not this
      > time! It was the Sydney Olympics. I watched
      carefully for
      > shortness of breath or any other symptoms, and she
      was totally fine,
      > just blissed out. The glow seemed to last through
      the next day.
      > I hope there's nothing wrong with this, as I think
      that regular,
      > gentle exercise can do her good. I've been doing
      this by carrying
      > her out into the yard and then putting her down so
      she can stroll a
      > bit (with Sydney, it's usually strolling back to the
      house and the
      > couch), but
      > this was practically a Jane Fonda workout.
      > Anybody know if catnip is at all harmful for cats?
      Hope not!
      > -- Sarah (and Sydney)

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