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20475Sydney is a dope fiend

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  • combi_kin
    Aug 1, 2005
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      In my year with the inscrutable Sydney (we adopted her at the age of
      12 when her former owners had to relocate to Australia), I never
      noticed much interest in catnip. I reread parts of Anitra Frazier's
      wonderful book this weekend, and was struck by her anecdotes about
      the catnip-dispensing vet she once worked for. This vet believed
      that catnip, in limited (no more than once a week) doses, was

      So I picked up some Cosmic Catnip this weekend and brought it home,
      and had such a great experience! Sydney, who prides herself on
      projecting disinterest whenever we're particular keen to get her to
      do something, walked over and started rubbing her
      face on the unopened carton.

      I sprinkled just a pinch on the rug, and she was immediately rolling
      and purring, so I offered her a good sniff of the container, and she
      stuck her face in it and took a huge chomp.

      For the next 20 minutes she was rolling, dancing and purring like
      mad, so I got out her toys. Ever since she got sick six weeks ago,
      she's not been interested in more than a little play. Not this
      time! It was the Sydney Olympics. I watched carefully for
      shortness of breath or any other symptoms, and she was totally fine,
      just blissed out. The glow seemed to last through the next day.

      I hope there's nothing wrong with this, as I think that regular,
      gentle exercise can do her good. I've been doing this by carrying
      her out into the yard and then putting her down so she can stroll a
      bit (with Sydney, it's usually strolling back to the house and the
      couch), but
      this was practically a Jane Fonda workout.

      Anybody know if catnip is at all harmful for cats? Hope not!

      -- Sarah (and Sydney)
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