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20123Re: What caused you to bring your cat in?

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  • brinkett
    Jun 30, 2005
      We'd noticed that Morag's respiration rate seemed higher than usual,
      but we were in the midst of a heat wave and figured it was the
      temperature. Luckily, she was due for her annual checkup a week
      later. The vet heard an abnormal noise when she listened to Morag's
      heart and said it was probably nothing, but suggested an ultrasound to
      give us peace of mind.

      Well, we didn't get it. What we got was a diagnosis of HCM, which was
      modified to RCM a month later by the cardiologist. When the vet saw
      the initial ultrasound, a chest X-ray was done, which showed that
      Morag was stuffed with fluid. We were lucky -- if she hadn't been due
      for her annual checkup, we probably would have had a crisis on our
      hands a few weeks later.

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