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20110Re: [FH] What caused you to bring your cat in?

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  • Karen
    Jun 29, 2005
      on 6/29/05 9:01 PM, lclarizia@... at lclarizia@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 6/28/2005 11:23:46 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      > kchuplis@... writes:
      >> I was wondering what happened that first caused your cat to be diagnosed.
      >> With Pearl it was a sudden spate of coughing several times in one day. She
      >> has ocassionally had coughing/gagging, but it often looked like trying to
      >> get a hairball up. However, that was once a week or less frequently. This
      >> was the same thing only many times in one day.
      > Baby Boy made the hairball/coughing sound one Friday night last August. I
      > checked him, and it seemed like he was breathing funny. I had the
      > kick-in-the-gut feeling that something was very wrong. It was around 8 PM,
      > but luckily my
      > vet will come out on emergency calls, so I brought him in and found he was in
      > CHF and told he probably had cardiomyopathy. He got lasix and heparin that
      > night, I brought him home because there was no one at the vet's to watch him,
      > with a referral to an 24-hour emergency hospital if needed. I spent the rest
      > of
      > that night googling cardiomyopathy, got thoroughly depressed, found this
      > group that same night, sent out an introductory email and as usually happens,
      > got
      > several great responses within hours.
      > Lisa
      How is Baby Boy? Pearl didn't having odd breathing although you could hear a
      bit of wheezing through the stethiscope. This really is truly depressing.
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