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20091Re: [FH] What caused you to bring your cat in?

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  • Lance Trickey
    Jun 29, 2005
      normal check up, heart murmur detected. an xray showed an outwardly
      normal heart

      8 months later (now) enlarged heart , gallop rhythm, pulmonary edema
      ( which seems to be under control for now, thank god.)

      He does have new behavior which scared the heck out me the first few
      He says "Hi!" if I enter a room that he's in. Imagine waking into a
      dark room and your HCM cat crying intermittently from somewhere
      unseen... Holy mackerel !! Nothing wrong, just saying Hi!


      On Jun 28, 2005, at 11:23 PM, Karen wrote:

      > I was wondering what happened that first caused your cat to be
      > diagnosed.
      > With Pearl it was a sudden spate of coughing several times in one
      > day. She
      > has ocassionally had coughing/gagging, but it often looked like
      > trying to
      > get a hairball up. However, that was once a week or less
      > frequently. This
      > was the same thing only many times in one day.
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