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20085Re: [FH] What caused you to bring your cat in?

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  • g minnier
    Jun 29, 2005
      I was amazingly lucky. I had taken Bud (about 10-11 years old at the time)
      in for a dental. Our vet always does pre-surgery blood work and this time,
      asked if I wanted a pre-surgery EKG. I almost said no, he was always our
      healthiest cat but for some reason that I can't really articulate, I said
      yes to the EKG.

      The rest is history - she found an anomaly, we scheduled a ultrasound and
      x-rays and found that he has HCM. Still asymptomatic and on heart meds
      anyway, along with supplements, he's doing well. We haven't had an
      ultrasound for about a year now but last vet visit, the vet didn't hear a
      murmur. We'll get an ultrasound this fall to see where we are.

      I just treasure every day and am very grateful for a husband who doesn't
      complain about the money I spend on the cats (and, like every cat owner, we
      have had some incredibly expensive vet bills).
      I also now have an EKG done on the other 2 cats periodically.

      Poor BUd, due to the HCM, he still hasn't had a dental. The vet feels it's
      not critical enough to put him under for so we are monitoring the mouth. He
      gets Hills t/d for his treats - normally, I wouldn't feed Hills to any
      animal but their claims for t/d are very persuasive.

      Gwen and the 3 cats in Phoenix
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