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20081Re: What caused you to bring your cat in?

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  • ireneboater
    Jun 28, 2005
      My cat had a heart murmmer for a long time. Vet said nothing about
      it. One day, after leaving my cats for a few days on vacation with
      ppl looking in on them, I find Scratchy in the middle of the floor
      meowing and not moving his back legs. I rushed went to the vet and
      he said -- your cat has a clot in his leg. There was a long pause
      and he said nothing else. I said what can I do? they sent me to a
      specialty emergency vet where they told me he had only 30% chance of
      survival and 50% chance of reclotting. I remembered that in Nov he
      lost the use of his front leg but recovered (later to know it was a
      thrombosis just like this one). So I said, lets try it -- after a
      lot of crying. almost 6 months later, 2 saddle thrombosis, 2 front
      leg thrombosis, 1 night of blindness, and variety of other trial and
      error snafus, Scratchy is doing well.

      He's sitting next to me right now purring like a motorcycle! Upside
      down and as cute as can be. I'm lucky to have him and pay for longer
      days with him.

      I just wish I knew earlier so I could have slowed the progression
      down earlier too.

      Irene and Scratchy

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      > I was wondering what happened that first caused your cat to be
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