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  • Becky
    Apr 3, 2000
      Hi List,

      I joined because of the CRF and Friends of Avatar list.

      Thought I'd start the ball rolling by introducing my HCM cat, Merry.
      I manage an all cat themed gift store(named All About Cats) and
      almost 5 years ago, an older woman decided Merry wasn't for her and
      left Merry at the store. She'd had Merry bred, (Merry is a calico
      Scottish Fold)so Merry arrived pregnant. She had 2 kittens in the
      backroom and raised them at the store. Darrell still lives with us

      Over 3 years ago Merry was dx'ed with HCM. At that time her old vet
      had dx'ed her with asthma, and Merry was in a rapid decline. She was
      having a hard time breathing and then when she started having mini-
      strokes I took her to a new vet in town and said "something ain't
      right", Hcm was quickly discovered.

      Merry has had many ups and downs, with the biggest trick being
      managing her care in a very public place. It often feels like the
      entire town has the feeling that Merry owes them some of her time,
      even if she's feeling crummy. Giving her a private place can be
      tricky. In Oct. of 1999 she took a turn for the worse, and an x-ray
      showed a mass on her liver. We took her in for an ultrasound and
      found that the liver mass was backed up blood, that she also had DCM
      and a leaky valve.

      Merry now takes cardizem, enacard, lasix and potassium, all once a
      day. She doing great again, she looks better than she has for years.

      Sorry to be so long winded,

      Becky and Merry(and the Spirit of Linus)
      ps. if you want, you can see Merry and Darrell at
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