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19795Re: [FH] Links help?

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  • howdeeeyall@aol.com
    Jun 4, 2005
      Wow, you all are great! I wrote saying I'd read the files and don't bother
      responding yet, and a bunch of you are sending me crucial information anyway.
      Thank you! Reading all the files and links would take me a long time and this
      will streamline things a lot!

      Susan, the article you sent came out in your post, mixed in with my earlier
      text, not quite legible. Probably some AOL glitch. Could you resend it
      please, by itself with no message?

      Boy, you all are really helping me get Leo the help he needs! I am feeling a
      lot less stress now that I'm connected to this great list!

      Judith and Leo
      in NC

      In a message dated 6/4/2005 5:58:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      somnamblst@... writes:

      > Judith,
      > That paper was on Waltham USA and when they redesigned
      > their learning center that link, but not all the
      > Waltham USA links stopped working. Hopefully Lisa can
      > get it and save it to her HD to mail out. I have
      > Bonagura's latest on my HD and am attaching it to this
      > email.
      > Susan

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