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19749Re: [FH] Advice needed, playing and the HCM cat.

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  • shelly casey
    May 31, 2005
      We go through the same thoughts all the time. Our cat Sam (1 year old)....just loves to play and have others play with him. We just had to put it in our minds that we want him to have the most fun out of his little life that he can and if he is having fun playing and is happy.....that is how we would rather have him be, instead of us yelling at him to not run or have fun just "in case" something would happen.

      Sam has a pink nose and if his heart gets really going his nose honestly turns red. Our vet says its the same as a human running and getting a flushed looking face. Our vet says this is our warning sign that Sam needs to slow down and this is when we step into his play and give him all the hugs and kisses he loves so much too. We have also noticed that the older that Sam gets he is realizing on his own when to slow down and does so by stretching out real long on the cool tile floor and stays that way until his nose is back to pink again. His red nose is also known as the Rudolph effect around our home. If we don't slow him down once he reaches that point he will begin to open mouth breath which is bad news.

      I am curious to know if anyone else on this list has the red nose warning system like I do??

      We wish you the best with you kitty!

      Shelly & Sam I am

      Lance Trickey <lancetrickey@...> wrote:
      My HCM cat , (Boy) loves to play.

      I know I really can't stop him from chasing ghosts around the house.
      He is, after all, just being a cat.

      He pesters me incessantly to play with him when he's feeling good,
      and is well rested.

      While I am very careful not to over do it, I am concerned. If my
      playing with him resulted in his heart throwing a clot , i'd never
      forgive myself.

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