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19456Re: Even more questions

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  • brinkett
    May 1, 2005
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      > How fast can a cat go from seemingly comfortable into life-
      threatening crisis?

      Fast. But usually you get some warning.

      > If you need to go away and can't take your cat with you, is it
      > safe to leave it at a boarding place with a vet-tech who can
      > medication, but where there is no one there at night?

      It is. After all, you're not monitoring your cat 24 hours a day at

      > I'm
      > still afraid she might just gently go into crisis again without my
      > knowledge. Like when I'm asleep, or away for a few hours.

      This is natural and happened to all of us when our cats were
      diagnosed. You hate to leave them alone, and worry about them when
      you're not there. Eventually you'll come to accept that the
      situation is beyond your control, and you'll learn to live with it.

      > That's a
      > worry when you know that the cat absolutely cannot miss a dose of
      > medication.

      Unless you're trying to clear your cat's lungs of fluid, missing one
      dose probably won't have much of an impact. You certainly don't
      want to miss a dose, but if it happens, the cat will probably be

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