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19198Re: New here - just lost my kitty - looking for answers-long

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  • peteycat9
    Apr 5, 2005
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      Dear Erin,
      I am so sorry for your loss of Rusty and Binky. While I have no
      clear answers to why Rusty appeared "normal" on some tests, but not
      others, I share in your experience. I lost my cat Checkers to HCM
      at the age of one and a half. He truly was a baby when he suddenly
      had severe symptoms of CHF and lapsed into a coma 2 days later. The
      only reason I know he had significant HCM is that I Ok'd a partial
      necropsy to examine Checker's heart. Checkers never had an audible
      heart murmur or an abnormal heart rate, even when he was dying in
      the hospital. His heart and lungs appeared "normal" on X-rays, and
      yet he could not breathe outside an oxygen tank. It is my
      understanding that with traditional x-rays, they don't always show a
      problem because HCM is a thickening on the inside of the heart
      muscle. I can't speak for how accurate an echo cardigram is because
      one was never done on Checkers, but perhaps someone else here can.
      I just wanted to let you know that I completely understand your
      frustration and grief, especially when the answers to Rusty's
      problems aren't so clear cut. Even the vets that treated Checkers
      were not sure if his HCM was the only thing that caused all his
      symptoms, considering he also suffered severe neurological symptoms
      in the very end that included blindness and seizures. I will always
      wonder if Checkers had cancer or diabetis (his blood sugar numbers
      were through the roof), or asthma. The "not knowing for sure" is
      real painful. My heart really goes out to you, especailly with
      losing two precious babies in such a short time span and now dealing
      with the mystery of Rusty. You can be certain of one thing for sure
      though; you were a wonderful Mom to both your kitty's and did
      everything you could to help them when they needed you. They were
      very lucky to have been in your care. Take care.
      Joann (Checker's Mom)

      Hi everyone,
      I am new here and just lost my precious Rusty. I am really
      searching for answers as to what happened and I have no clear
      answers. It has been especially hard as I just lost Binky on 1/22 to

      The doctors told me they were all "scratching their heads" because
      his cardiogram was normal but didn't coincide with the x-rays or
      breathing difficulties and still suspected congestive heart

      How is it possible that the echo was normal but they still claim it
      was chf, can that happen? I am desperatly searching for answers. I
      know they also menitoned the possiblity of cancer...his heartworm
      test was negative.

      > Thank you.
      > Erin
      > missing my Angels Binky and Rusty
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