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  • Ronan Dorvillers
    Mar 31, 2005
      Hi all,

      Just joined the list and thought I'd introduce myself and my cat, Chester. We live in East
      Berkshire in the UK.

      Pictures of Chester are on http://homepage.mac.com/ronantriskell/eastdean/

      Chester will be 3 next week and was diagnosed in March 2003 with HCM. He was sluggish
      and feverish one morning and rushed to the vet. Cardiac infection was initially diagnosed
      because of fever and heart murmur but blood tests disproved that. The fever/infection
      cleared (without ever finding the real cause) but a heart scan done then showed a
      thickening of the heart. The cat was put immediatly on Fortekor and Atenelol (at faily high
      dose of the latter). After 3 months, dosage of Atenelol was reduced (to 1/2 a pill once a
      day). After a further 6 months, a new scan showed neither improvement nor worsening
      (0.74mm thick). Prescription was kept the same.

      Now a year after, the condition has been found to have worsen (to 0.82mm) and
      medication has been changed to HyperCard (Diltiazem) with the Fortekor kept. Next scan
      in 2.5 months...

      I took this as a bad news and the lifestyle changes to accomodates the 3-times daily
      intake are rather inconvenient. I thought I'd join your list to read how people cope with it
      all and how flexible one can be (The vet seemed to think that flexibility was OK provided
      common sense was used to avoid overdoses and followed the theory that some is better
      than none - thinking about occasional cattery stays where 3 times daily will NOT be

      So... Thanks for having me here and I look forward to reading you all...