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  • tamakio
    Mar 8, 2005
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      I just joined this ML in the middle of my desperate search for the useful resources for cat's
      heart disease. My kitty, who is 1 year and a half old spayed persian, was caught with her
      enlarged heart by x-rays. She was examined by ultra-sound yesterday, and we will know
      the results tomorrow or so.

      While I need to give youmore details (the vet did ultrasound exam today and we will have a
      full diagnose  in a few days), I want to start preparing for a holistic
      approach for my girl. And, the more needed for me at this point is
      encouradging success stories to combat heart disease! -- My girl has
      experienced several diseases since she was a baby (like URI, utenary
      infection and uninary infection, ring worm, etc.) and I was always so
      heart-broken. But she has been able to such a miracle girl. I live alone
      as a student, so this has been financially and emotionally very tough for

      At this point, she is very active and eats well (although she seems to
      start losing a weight a bit from 7.3lb to 7lb). And she coughs, which I
      undestand is somehow associated to the heart disease, but as she was
      congested early this year, the vets and I thought the cough was from her
      conjestion! She was examined last month by three different vets, but
      everyone thought she was very well.

      Thanks for your help!
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