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18891Re: [FH] First time with Lasix

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  • lclarizia@aol.com
    Mar 3, 2005
      Hi Lisa,

      Welcome to the list, though I'm sorry you had to join us!

      > 1. I'll be giving Lightning his first-ever dose of Lasix in a few hours.
      > Are
      > there any symptoms or side effects I should look for? I want to behave as
      > normally as possible around him. Typically he sleeps in an otherwise empty
      > room
      > during the afternoon. He likes to nap in private during the day. Should I
      > keep him near me all day today to watch for symptoms or can I just peek in
      > on him
      > every once in a while?

      Whenever you start a cat on any med, no matter how innocuous it seems, always
      watch them for the first day or two. You can just peek in on him every so
      often :)

      The most common response to lasix is increased urination (of course) and
      increased thirst. Unless your vet told you differently, you should not restrict
      his access to water. In fact, I'd suggest making sure he has free access to
      fresh water, maybe put a bowl out for him in his nap-room.

      Because he'll be peeing more, there is always the possibility he will be a
      bit weak. Some cats, like some humans, have a super-charged response to
      diuretics -- so if he seems weak and lethargic, and won't eat, let your vet know
      immediately. He may need his dose cut until he gets used to it.

      > 2. My vet has messy handwriting. (Don't they all?) The prescription looks
      > as if it says the Lasix should be compounded to a 10 mg dose. However, that
      > could be 16 mg. Which number is typical?

      It depends on the cat -- either actually could be normal.

      I hope Lightening is feeling better soon!


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