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18851Re: [FH] Thank You from Donna and Kali

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  • Susan
    Mar 1, 2005
      There was another article on critical care nutrition
      that mentioned branched chain amino acids are believed
      to be helpful in combatting cancer and cardiac
      cachexia. It was a really good article that appears to
      have disappeared from the WalthamUSA Learning Center.
      Not sure what branched chain amino acids are, just
      noticed that Hill's A/D has them.

      I was trying to find info on the development of A/D
      and I discovered that A/D saves ferrets, snakes,
      orphaned penguins, owls and oil slicked water fowl in
      addition to critically ill dogs and cats.


      --- lclarizia@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 2/27/2005 9:44:03 AM Eastern
      > Standard Time,
      > somnamblst@... writes:
      > > Another thing to consider and I hope everyone on
      > this
      > > group takes the time to read Lisa Freeman's
      > article in
      > > the links section on Nutritional Modulation of
      > Cardiac
      > > Disease is that the nutraceuticals may be helping
      > > because they address cachexia, which is the higher
      > > metabolism that makes sick animals suddenly
      > skinny.
      > Oh, definitely -- and as you pointed out, heart
      > kitties generally have a
      > constellation of issues to deal with. Cachexia is
      > definitely one. I had a copy
      > of the Freeman article at work, but as I no longer
      > work there, don't have
      > access but I think I got the full copy from a
      > journal somewhere, so will look for
      > it.
      > Lisa

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