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18418Deagan's 3rd Echo

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  • jen
    Feb 1, 2005
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      Hello All!

      Deagan had his second recheck yesterday, just over one year after
      his diagnosis and there has been very little change in his heart.
      His wall thicknesses remain basically unchanged, but he is showing a
      little diastolic dysfunction now, not so good. Apparently it is
      still mild at this point. His outflow obstruction is improved but
      still severe. His blood pressure is still good. So, not much is
      going to change. He is going to stay on 25 mg of atenolol twice
      daily and will be starting 40 mg ASA twice weekly but with the
      turbulence in his atria, he is low risk for throwing a clot.

      Does anyone compound their ASA? I'm still waiting on those pill
      pockets (I ordered them Nov 18th!) so I might be pilling for a
      little while.

      I did have a brain wave yesterday and took my camera to the clinic.
      I have pictures of the whole procedure which we can use for our
      newby's! I just have to get my cable from my old house to upload
      them. Deag at his finest!

      So, he has recovered from the car ride, I actually opened his kennel
      during the ride. It helped because he used his litter to poop,
      rather than all over himself! He was still *really* stressed, and I
      worry about how he will cope in the future when he is going into
      heart failure :(

      Kitty hugs to all!

      jen, deagan and kira the dog