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18153Re: [FH] Skittles my cat

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  • savionna@aol.com
    Jan 7, 2005
      Hi Cindy,

      In a message dated 1/7/05 9:46:03 AM, ladycherise@... writes:

      << just for about a
      week now, she is missing her litter box and peeing outside of it and pooping
      outside of it. >>

      It is not uncommon for a cat to do this when trying to get the caregiver's
      attention that something is "wrong." That could be countless issues...from a
      physical issue (eg constipation, urinary infection, diabetes) to a "stress" (eg a
      dog barking down the street, postman coming to the door) to any "change" (eg
      diff. amt of litter, diff. soap to clean the box, diff. detergent to clean the

      << has had a few bouts also with pancreatitis >>

      Pancreatitis? How was that treated? What does the cat eat? As the pancreas is
      part of the digestive system, pancreatitis often doesn't exist on its
      own...does the cat have any related issues, eg inflammatory bowel, diabetes, or liver

      << what could be the problem >>

      There are many possibilities.

      << and should I take her for an
      emergency vet visit this morning? >>

      It might be good idea to schedule an appt to rule in or out physical issues.
      // Rosemary
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