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18148Skittles my cat

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  • ladycherise@aol.com
    Jan 7, 2005
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      Ok I am the one who has the HCM kitty who is now 5 months old Coco,
      but this letter is about Skittles my 17 year old Main coon kitty, I know
      this is a little off the topic but I need advice, I've owned her since she was 6
      weeks old and she has always been a clean sanitary kitty, just for about a
      week now, she is missing her litter box and peeing outside of it and pooping
      outside of it. She had mammary lumps that were cancerous 5 years ago and she
      recovered from the cancer and has had a few bouts also with pancreatitis but
      she has been doing well so I thought till this past week.
      She is eating well what could be the problem and should I take her for an
      emergency vet visit this morning?


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