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18070Re: Hair Loss?

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  • jen
    Dec 25, 2004
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      The crustiness sounds a lot like ringworm, which despite the name isn't
      always in rings. It can be picked up in clinics, it is rather hard to get rid
      of in that setting. If you have a black light (the glowing purple ones),
      about 60% of ringworm will glow under it. You could try alternating an
      antifungal (ie yeast infection cream) with the antibiotic and see if that
      helps. There are also some good naturopathic herbs, black walnut is
      one my ex used when he got ringworm (from a patient); but I would
      consult a homeopathic vet before I gave them to a heart kitty. Make
      sure you wash your hands well after touching it, ringworm is contagious
      to humans and a real pain to get rid of. The vet can scrap it and give
      you a firm diagnosis if it doesn't resolve as you would like!!

      Good luck,

      jen, deagan and kira the dog
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