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18060Hair Loss?

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  • lclarizia@aol.com
    Dec 24, 2004
      Hi all,

      Baby Boy seems to have developed a rash thingy on his nose ... only on his
      nose. It started some time ago as a crust just around the hairline, this was
      right after we went to Tufts (about 5 weeks ago) and he started eating again,
      like a horse. I assumed it was food and he wasn't cleaning himself, so I would
      just clean it off with some warm water. Now it seems to be spreading ...
      being me, I immediately thought SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA! but I really don't think
      that's it -- it's not really a rash per se, more like dark crusts and some
      hair loss, but no sores or red spots. It began after he started the
      spironolactone -- has anyone else seen anything like this? It doesn't seem to bother him,
      he's not rubbing or scratching. I've been washing it twice daily and putting
      antibiotic ointment on it, which seems to help.

      Lisa, who will pay thousands for an echo but is hoping for cheap advice for

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