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  • k_silverstein
    Dec 4, 2004
      hi, my cat izzy, almost three, was just diagnosed with hcm after she
      with congestive heart failure. she had always had a grade 1 or 2
      murmur that every vet she ever went to said they could "barely" here
      wasn't anything to be concered about. she had no other symptoms (at
      that i could tell) untill the night she went into failure. after
      spending four days
      in an oxygen cage, it took a long time and a lot of lasix to get all
      the fluid out of
      her longs and get her breath rate down to an ok level, she spent one
      last night
      at the hospital out of oxygen. they kept her the extra night because
      her renal
      values got really high from the lasix. we took her home two days ago
      and she
      has been off all meds except for pepcid and aspirin for three days to
      let her
      renal values get back to mostly normal which THANKFULLY they have.
      is drinking and moving around occasionally and eating although she
      will only
      eat baby food right now, i think cause of the texture. so now i find
      myself in a
      new situation. i am totally paranoid. the first night she was home
      i slept with
      her (i have a huge bathroom/walk in closet that she is set up in
      because i
      have two other cats and a chihuahua) and checked her breath rate
      every two
      hours. i have eased up a bit but sometime her breathing seems
      erratic even
      when her breath rate is ok. i just can't tell anymore what are
      signns that she is
      feeling better or worse or tired or sick. there are lots of lists of
      things to look
      for pre-diagnosis but not so much for after. does this make any
      sense to
      anyone? i just don't want to miss something again and just
      everything feels
      liek what was up is now down. i've been reading some of the postings
      on this
      board and found them really helpfull and comforting and i would love
      advice or support.
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