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17888Tabby Jean's fur loss

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  • sandworm90292
    Dec 3 11:42 AM

      An update: my lovely 8 year old short-haired tabby, Ms. Tabby Jean Tigress was
      diagnosed with some sort of heart problem about 9 months ago.

      Subsequent ultrasounds revealed she had a leaky valve that was the cause of an

      We tried atenolol to stabilize the heart rhythm problem, but it didn't work. Nor did a
      second beta-blocker.

      She is due for a re-exam soon.

      My problem is, after the last ultra-sound, we took her off the second trial of beta blockers.
      I think the stress from going to the vet caused her to lick herself more obsessively or
      perhaps it was a side effect of the drugs, but she lost a LOT of fur and it has not grown
      back. It is starting too, but she looks pretty scraggly.

      Does anyone have ANY ideas about fur loss? Could it have been a side-effect of the meds?
      Or from nerves and it just takes a long time to grow back? It IS growing back..slowly...but
      it upsets me to see my beauty girl look so scragggly.

      Before I take her back and have her shaved again for the ultra sound(which will leave her
      looking even worse!) I would like some feedback on this fur loss, the possible causes, and
      what to do about it.;

      Paul R.
      Daddy to Tabby Jean, and Tazzleberry(DUM DUM DUM) Marie