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17887Re: Hotspur's cardiology report

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  • mahedabel
    Dec 3, 2004
      Hi. The second echo report says stuff about biatrial enlargement and
      a resloution of the dynamic LV outflow obstruction on the beta
      blocker but doesn't specifically say rcm. The third and fourth
      reports say "the study demonstrates the presence of mild to
      moderately severe and extremely stable restrictive cardiomyopathy"
      and the fifth one says "the overall evaluation demonstrates the
      presence of relatively stable and well compensated restrictive
      cardiomyopathy". So maybe it didn't start out as RCM.

      Thank you for your help. I'm gonna just keep reading about this so
      at least I can understand it better.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "brinkett" <scrubbrush@r...>
      > > Do you think this is RCM, or what do you think it might be?
      > If the report says it's RCM, then it probably is RCM. But what I'm
      > wondering is if he was diagnosed with RCM 5 years ago, or if he was
      > just diagnosed with RCM on this latest ultrasound.
      > > If
      > > anybody has any suggestions as to what I should do for Hotspur,
      > > please let me know!
      > Make sure he gets his meds and lots of TLC. Monitor his breathing -

      > become familiar with his normal breathing pattern and rate when
      > resting so you'll recognize a change. There's no magic bullet for
      > this, so it's a matter of monitoring Hotspur's health and making
      > sure he's comfortable.
      > Sarah.
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