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17659Re: [FH] medication questions

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  • Susan
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Atenolol only means that your cat is considered
      asymptomatic. Atenonol is a beta-blocker that slows
      the heart rate by filling the beta-andergenic
      receptors in the heart. When the receptors are filled
      they are not available to the substance that increases
      the heart rate, hence the name beta-blocker.

      This allows the left ventricle a longer time to fill.
      Many cats take atenolol only for years. My cat has
      been on atenolol for two years and my vet says he has
      had over 100 cats on atenonol. Some members of this
      group have had cats on atenolol for 5-6 years.

      --- katy4282003 <katy_van@...> wrote:

      > hi. i am curious to find what cats with heart
      > disease (esp HCM)are
      > normally given for medication. also the progression
      > of the
      > medication given related to the disease. my kitty is
      > only on
      > altenlol twice daily right now and since it is only
      > 2 months into
      > this i am wondering what to expect, even though i
      > know each case is
      > different. thanks for your help!
      > >^..^<
      > katy & belle

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