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17455Re: [FH] enalipril, lasix and anorexia

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  • Susan
    Oct 7, 2004
      --- lclarizia@... wrote:

      His vet also
      > gave me some Hill's A/D which
      > he liked and really helped.

      There's something about that A/D all right. My nonHCM
      tubby boy stopped eating for 3 days, took him to the
      vet and I was going to start force feeding A/D. Got
      home and put it on my fingertip to spoon into his
      mouth and all of a sudden he was inhaling it. It was
      designed specifically for anorectic and or critically
      ill animals. I am not sure if there are appetite
      enhancing ingredients or if its just the smelly/tasty
      combination. It's so nutritionally dense you can feed
      smaller amounts and be getting adequate calories.


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