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17427Re: [FH] What is a "Normal" HCM Respiratory Rate????

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  • lclarizia@aol.com
    Oct 2 9:04 AM
      In a message dated 10/1/2004 12:24:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      hemicat@... writes:

      > Gizmo's "normal" is between 48-60. The vet is not overly concerned
      > about it. He does not open mouth breath and has only had three
      > coughing episodes in the last 3 months. Has appetite and drinks lots
      > of water, uses the litter box. The higher rate generally happens in
      > the evenings and I don't know why. It looks like his heart
      > is "slamming" the breaths out. Wonder what rates others babies are at
      > and anyone else have evening problems. I am going to get a small
      > oxygen tank tomorrow and some supplements I have read about. Would
      > appreciate any comments.

      From what my vet has told me and from what I've found on my own, there is a
      fairly wide range of "normal" respirations in a cat. In general, an awake,
      alert cat will have respiration between 20 and 40 breaths per minute (some
      "normal" readings I've seen go as high as 60 breaths per minute). It seems to be
      highly individual i.e. each cat has his or her own "normal", and the problem
      with our HCM cats is, who knew what the cat's respiration rate was before they
      got sick? I didn't.

      It's also possible for a cat to have a "normal" respiration rate but still
      have trouble breathing. If the breaths seem heavy, if there is a lot of
      movement of the chest and abdomen the cat could be distressed even if it's breath
      rate is 28.

      Baby Boy's respirations, as obsessively noted after he was diagnosed, are
      around 32-36 while awake, and between 20-24 when asleep. However, he was
      breathing heavily, lost his appetite, had little energy etc. He started enalapril
      this week and there is a huge difference. His respirations are the same BUT
      he's breathing like a normal cat -- no huge movements in his chest or abdomen,
      and he has much more energy and his appetite has returned in a big way.

      I have no idea why Gizmo would be having more trouble at night -- is he on
      any meds?


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