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17423Re: HCM and asthma

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  • Sarah
    Sep 30, 2004
      Hi Reija,

      My cat has HCM and asthma. He is taking the following medication:

      - 1/4 of 30 mg Diltiazem every 12 hours (twice a day)
      - 1/2 of 12.5 mg Lasix every 12 hours (twice a day)
      - 81 mg baby aspirin every 3 days

      He is not taking anything for his asthma. Occasionally, he has
      wheezing fits (where he stretches his neck out and wheezes for about
      5 to 10 seconds). His cardiologist thinks his asthma may be
      allergy/seasonal related. If it gets worse, he has a prescription

      - 1/4 of 100 mg Aminophylline

      I am hesitant to give him asthma medication if he doesn't absolutely
      need it. So....at this point I am monitoring him. He has always
      had the wheezing fits, though sometimes he goes for months without

      SAB (Sarah)
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