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  • Susan
    Aug 4, 2004
      --- sosomanycats <somanycats@...> wrote:
      Echo showed
      > moderate HCM, stable since then. Meds: atenolol 25
      > mg 1/2 tab,
      > enalapril 2.5mg 1/2 tab, baby aspirin 1/2 tab every
      > 4 days.
      > QUESTIONS: Should the aspirin be every 3 days?

      Aspirin is safe to give in the range of 1/2 of an 81
      mg. to a whole 81 mg. every 72 hours. Because it is
      easier to remember twice a week some people give
      aspirin on the same two days weekly.

      Recently a vet on another group mentioned seeing a
      paper about the experimental use of 5 mg. aspirin
      daily. This would require a special formulation as
      this is 1/18 of a 81 mg. aspirin. Owners of cats who
      are extremely high risk of thromboembolism may want to
      ask their cardiologists/internists about this as the
      vet who mentioned it did not remember what the
      efficacy was.

      > CUTE FACE: Cutie, 4 years old, asymptomatic. Dx a
      > year ago with
      > a "regular" irregular heart rhythm- EKG- one regular
      > beat followed
      > by one gallop beat, consistently. Xrays, echo showed
      > nothing.
      > Bloodwork normal. Primary care vet and cardiologist
      > have never seen
      > this pattern. Various meds had no effect, so
      > discontinued and we are
      > just to "watch" her. ANY COMMENTS, anyone?

      You may want to look at VetGoCardiology Concepts as it
      is meant for veterinary students and is very detailed
      and up to date:


      I got 14 results for gallop.


      > My angels: WISP, Purr's mom, feral, caught when she
      > went into chf,
      > asymptomatic as far as we knew before that, died on
      > the way to the
      > ER, "presumed" hcm, last july.
      > OREO, my "kiss-kiss" baby, big ball of lovin',
      > Purr's brother, minor
      > ventricular septal defect (small hole), cardio. said
      > hole not bad
      > enough to cause his 3 major chf episodes, but Xrays,
      > EKG, echo,
      > color doppler showed nothing except the hole. 2
      > years ago Oreo had
      > dinner, went to sleep, woke up 3 hrs later, walked
      > across the room,
      > fell over panting, died before we got to the ER, 8
      > miles away.
      > BABY HAZE: Purr's 1 yr. younger sister, my husband's
      > best buddy. At
      > age 3 1/2 yrs., woke up, walked across the bed, fell
      > over, died in
      > hub's arms on the way to ER. Autopsy- hcm.
      > Asymptomatic prior.
      > Thanks. Randi, missing my angels, but grateful for
      > Purr's and Cute's
      > stability
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