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  • heatherwallace506@adelphia.net
    Aug 1, 2004
      It is so comforting to read about peoples' furbabies living well beyond the vet's original prognosis, which leaves me thinking about two questions:
      1. Why do the vets continually give sombering prognosis';
      2. If your cat has been diagnoses with severe HCM and has lived many years beyond the diagnosis date, how do your cats act?
      a. do they act like they don't feel good everyday?
      b. has it still been hard for them to play?
      My Felix seems to be doing "okay". He isn't himself, but he still is eating and drinking and wants to play, but then flops on the floor because, i guess, he feels winded or can't breathe well.
      Heather & Felix--7 years old, severe HCM with low blood pressure, dilatezem and baby aspirin.
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