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17103ACE Inhibitors for Tabby Jean?

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  • sandworm90292
    Jul 31, 2004
      Here's the update, fellow fur luvers!

      TJ, as you know, was diagnosed with some form of cardiomyopathy about 3 months ago.

      She has an enlarged left ventricle, a gallop rhythm, irregular EKG with premature
      ventricular contractions. Has moderate lesions on her aortic valve that is causing
      moderate blood flow reguritation. Is asymptomatic-runs around like a maniac with her
      sister, Tazzleberry Marie.

      Atenolol and another beta-blocker have not worked.

      Doctor B is discussing ACE Inhibitors; I showed her Susan's post on the subject. Tabby is
      stable; her recent sonogram is identical to the first one from 3 months ago.

      I don't know if the ACE Inhibitors are worth the risk of damage to TJ's kidneys. Doctor B
      things the entire problem is the result of an old an inactive infection: endocarditis. That
      explains the valve lesions, the blood backflow, and the resultant strain is what probably
      caused the ventricle to enlarge.

      I'm thinking at this point taking her for holistic treatment(Dr. B. has recommended a
      holistic vet) instead of the ACE inhibitors.

      Your thoughts? Suggestions? TJ says the WHOLE thing is best addressed by giving her a
      constant supply of salmon treats, live mice from the Pet Store, and plenty of catnip toys,
      round the clock, 24-7. Plus tossing her little sister, Taz, into the trash chute(they've got a
      SERIOUS love/hate thing going).

      I think she's off base.

      I'd appreciate any feedback here.

      TJ and Taz's Dad, Paul R.
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