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16897Re: cat w/ CHF

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  • brinkett
    Jul 5 7:53 PM
      > I believe that is why we also have the "Our Furbabies" in the
      > database...for that very detailed info that you are seeking. If
      > Linda or anyone wants far more details in every post it is
      > they are free to do so. I would never mandate my opinions on
      > and I would expect that anyone would feel the same. I defer to
      > database for any detailed meds, and I am also very open to being
      > asked. I am not open, however, to Linda's original scolding
      > schoolmarm post.
      > 1) database
      > 2) or ask nicely
      > We are all adults here.

      I didn't find her response scolding or schoolmarmish. But I know
      how easily people get upset when they *think* they're being scolded
      publicly. Remember that (a) it's very easy to take things that are
      written the wrong way, and (b) there are real, living human beings
      at the other end of all of these posts, so before taking offense,
      take a deep breath and wait at least an hour before responding.
      Just about all the time, you'll find that after calming down and re-
      reading the post that upset you, it won't seem so bad.

      This is not directed to you in particular, but to everyone,
      including me, because I've been scolded here publicly too at times,
      or felt like I have been. Perhaps you feel scolded because her
      comment came after one of your posts, but if you reread her post,
      you'll see that the suggestion was made to the entire group, not to
      you specifically.

      As far as the database, the vast majority of members have not
      entered anything in the database and the entries can easily go out
      of date. I know Morag's is because her medications have been
      adjusted several times.

      We've always posted dosages here. Linda's point wasn't that dosages
      shouldn't be posted, but that if they are going to be posted, do it
      in a way that conveys useful information. As you said, we're all
      adults, and so we should know to consult a vet before making any
      changes to our cat's treatment plan.

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