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16895Fw: cat w/ CHF

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  • O'Conchubair
    Jul 5, 2004
      I sure hope that this is not an indication that listers go off the deep
      end without finding out the real facts. I just joined this list and I am
      quite taken aback by this behavior. Since the email was sent to the list,
      and others responded without any knowledge of the facts, I am answering
      publicly, too.
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      From: "O'Conchubair" <RNMSW@...>
      To: "turkishangoraathumanesociety" <turkishangoraathumanesociety@...>
      Sent: Monday, July 05, 2004 4:26 PM
      Subject: cat w/ CHF

      > There are cardiologists and Internal Medicine Specialists close by.
      > Thank you for the URL.
      > Is that atenolol 100mg that you quarter?
      > Denise
      Found it, 25mg tablet of atenolol. Guess I can't use mine.

      If you were referring to my post, I never said I would just give the
      cat my tablets. If the vet said it was ok, then I would have the pills and
      would not need another prescription. This has happened before with meds.
      Denise O'Connor, R.N., B.S., M.S.W.

      > > Denise... It is VITAL that you get in to see a Vet Cardiologist
      > > ASAP. If there isn't one anywhere near you, then an Internal
      > > Medicine Specialist. Almost 1 yr ago my Lillie had heart failure
      > > (SEVERE OBSTRUCTIVE Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy). The 1st e/r was
      > > ready to write her off...They closed at 8am and had me transfer her
      > > to an e/r 45 minutes away that I knew nothing about. They ended up
      > > having all kinds of specialists there. Lillie had A LOT of fluid in
      > > her lungs and was in an oxygen tank for 4 days. Her prognosis was
      > > VERY POOR according to her echocardiogram (A MUST for this condition
      > > is an echo), yet the specialist was astounded at the progress she had
      > > made over 4 days (Like she "refused to accept it"). Her heart
      > > failure has now "resolved" and she takes meds everyday (very
      > > inexpensive I might add), and acts like a normal kitty. They are so
      > > happy whenever she comes in for a check-up.
      > > To find a Cardiologist or an Internal Medicine specialist near you,
      > > go to www.acvim.org
      > > DEPENDING ON WHERE YOU LIVE, these specialists can be comparable (or
      > > better) in fees than a general vet. (That is the case here in
      > > Ohio). Just in case the $ound of $pecialist scares you... I didn't
      > > know they existsed until Lillie had her heart failure. Hope your
      > > baby is okay. Lillie is on:
      > >
      > > Atenolol 1/4 tab in am & again in pm every day (8 am and 8 pm)
      > > Lasix 1/2 tab in am every OTHER day
      > > Enalapril 1/2 tab in pm every evening
      > > "Baby" Aspirin (81mg) every THIRD day
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