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16865New member: My cat was diagnosed yesterday with HCD

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  • Sarah
    Jul 1, 2004
      I am REALLY glad I found this group. My 8 1/2 year cat Nigel got an
      ultrasound of his heart yesterday and was diagnosed with Obstructive
      Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. He also has asthma. I found out about
      his heart disease because he was having trouble breathing. After
      rushing him to the vet, I found out he had fuild in his lungs.

      He is on Salix, diltiazem, and aspirin. After I got him home from
      the vet last night, he was breathing rapidly. I didn't want to take
      him back to emergency if it wasn't necessary as I knew it would
      stress him out even more, and I have already spent $1,200 in 10

      So, I stayed up all night and measured his breaths per minute. He
      was borderline to go back to the ER at 10 PM (60 to 64 breaths per
      minute). At 3:45 AM, he was down to 48 bpm, and at 6:35 AM, he had
      gotten down to about 36 to 40 bpm (while sleeping). After talking
      to the vet this morning, we decided he is okay for now.

      This is so stressful!!!! After getting no sleep and worrying about
      my best little buddy, I am a totel wreck. This morning, if anyone
      asked me how I was doing, I started crying. At lunch, I went home
      and checked on Nigel and he seemed okay. His BPM rate is a little
      high due to his heart disease. I am crossing my fingers and toes
      that the heart medication allows him more oxygen so that he can
      breathe easier.

      Thank you SO MUCH for listening to me.

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