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16861Re: [FH] cat food for heart/chf

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  • turkishangoraathumanesociety
    Jun 30, 2004
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      I fail to see what the problem would be with California Natural. The
      ingredients (in it's entirety) are listed below. As for fruits and
      veggies added to Innova...I would rather see THAT used as FILLERS
      than the other options for dry food. Their main ingredients are still
      real chicken. I haven't found a better choice for dry food, and I
      also use their canned foods. My vets were astounded when they saw
      how good these foods are, and I am interested to see what you feel is
      a better food (other than taurine added homemade.)

      California Natural Chicken & Rice
      Ingredient Name
      1. Chicken
      2. Chicken Meal
      3. Ground Brown Rice
      4. Chicken Fat
      5. Sunflower Oil
      6. Flaxseed
      7. Vitamins/Minerals
      8. Taurine
      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, savionna@a... wrote:
      The knock against Innova (whose parent company also makes
      > Calif. Natural and other brands) is that it incl too many
      ingredients that are
      > unnecessary for cats, whose nutritional requirements are actually
      rather simple
      > and readily fulfilled by a somehwat narrow range of small prey
      animals. This
      > is in part a holdover from Innova's early days of being one of the
      > "natural" animal foods and trying to capture the health-conscious
      consumer by
      > modeling the animal products on human foods (other products still
      locked in this
      > trap incl Wysong and Flint River). The only reason I keep Innova on
      the list of
      > less-noxious foods is b/c, being an "older" product, it is often
      > distributed and more available to consumers in locations where
      other, newer products
      > haven't yet penetrated. Products such as Wellness and Nature's
      Variety have
      > superseded Innova, but they are often not as available, depending
      on location.
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