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16806Diltiazem or Atenolol

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  • bibealan
    Jun 17, 2004
      Hi everyone. On May 17, I posted a rather long history of two of my
      babies that's recently been diagnosed with HCM. It was post # 16533.
      Since that time, they've been on Diltiazem 45 mg once a day. They
      seem to be tolerating it well, other than a minor loss of appetitite
      for approx a week.
      I notice that most cats on this site are on Atenolol instead of
      Diltiazem. I'm going to ask my vet cardiologist, but I also would
      like your input. They'll have a repeat echo in February......which
      will be their fourth since being diagnosed with HCM.
      My cardiologist seems very encouraging to me that they possibly could
      have many more years to live with this disease. From a lot of the
      posts I've read here though, it seems quite the contrary. I realize
      that every situation is different. I still can't get used to the
      idea that they have this terrible disease b/c they seem so healthy.
      Any info you can give me on Diltiazem vs Atenolol will be greatly

      Katy, Bianco, Bella, Alex & Anna
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