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  • Susan
    Jun 4, 2004
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      --- sandworm90292 <erosla77@...> wrote:

      > I had an odd theory that I want to throw to the
      > group: what if the entire problem is the
      > result of a bacterial infection in the heart and the
      > different kinds of heart tissue respond
      > differently? The valves thicken, but other parts of
      > the heart get inflammed in response and
      > that inflammation LOOKS like "growth". As a result
      > of the inflammation, the heart has to
      > work harder and THIS causes the arrhythmia.

      That does happen but usually to individuals who have
      something abnormal in the heart for bacteria to grow
      on and then have bacteria introduced to the blood
      stream when there is a dental procedure. For instance
      my mother had scarlet fever as a child and developed a
      murmur. She also has mitral valve prolapse. She takes
      antibiotics before going to the dentist as a
      prophalaxis. She takes Coumadin for the MVP.

      A few years ago the Cincinnati Zoo lost a gorilla
      after a dental procedure.


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