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1667Re: [feline-heart] Nutritional supplements for feline cardiomyopathy

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Feb 6, 2001
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      Hi Linda,

      > but isn't there recent research that shows that too much vit c increases
      > clogging of arteries?
      that is interesting. I haven't given Pebbles vitamin C. I haven't
      given all the supplements recommended by Cheryl Schwartz DVM. I just copied
      the list as it was in her book, "Four Paws Five Directions" to give people
      the information. Of course everyone should check with their vets as to what
      is appropriate. The herbal vet said that low stress was important in heart
      disease, so not to overdo the pilling and supplments and cause stress. The
      stress could outweigh the benefits of the supplements.

      > taurine: is that in addition to what is already in their cat food, like
      > Science Diet???
      I don't know about this either. Gee I don't know much at all. (Smile!)
      Love, Voula.
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