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16416RE: [FH] anesthesia

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    May 4, 2004
      In an earlier message, Beverly Parsons [mailto:baparsons@...] said ...

      > Our cat Tasselhoff was diagnosed with HCM about a year
      > ago. He's on atenolol and enalapril, in the care of
      > cardiologist Dr. Scrope at the Oradell Animal Hospital
      > in Jersey. He just had an echo last week, and the
      > report was glowing. His heart has actually improved
      > on the meds - enlargement down, murmur almost gone.

      > However....he has developed a lump on his leg. The
      > surgeon cannot tell us if it is malignant (cytology
      > tests were inconclusive). She wants to remove the
      > lump, in case it is malignant. She is at Oradell as
      > well, so Dr. Schrope will be involved.

      A few thoughts ...

      1) Dr. Schrope is a wonderful cardiologist. If he feels the procedure would be safe, that would boost my confidence level

      2) Have you seen an oncologist? You may want to do this to see if he/she thinks removal is warranted. With some lumps, a
      wait-and-see approach is a more conservative (& better, IMHO) approach.

      3) This may sound crazy, but you might consider having someone do an ultrasound of the lump. It would be costly, but it might give
      everyone a better idea of what is going on there (e.g., if there is a lot of vascularization in the lump, it is more likely a

      4) I presume the cytology report was from a fine needle aspirate? Any chance they can get a piece of the lump just using a local

      > Many thanks,
      > Beverly Parsons and Tasselhoff

      Jonathan Rosenberg
      Licorice, Tigger, Jet,
      Tabby (RB), Lynx (RB), Belle (RB)
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