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  • Marjorie Blaine
    May 2, 2004
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      We have been very blessed because we've had the most wonderful cat sitter
      for the last 6 years. She comes and lives in our homes and the cats know
      and love her and we trust her implicitly. Since Max was diagnosed w/HCM, we
      haven't ventured too far--we did have to go from AZ to TX in Dec because my
      father unexpectedly passed away. I had to stay two weeks but my husband
      just came for about 5 days. We also have a 20 year old cat who is very
      healthy (knock on wood)....but she's 20 so.... We had planned to leave today
      for a week in Hawaii for our 20th wedding anniversary because everyone is
      doing well (again, knock on wood). However, our pet sitter had a friend
      (with no remaining family) become quite ill and is in ICU in Phoenix (we
      live in Tucson). So our pet sitter was going to go back and forth every
      day--still spending the nights here. We were very uncomfortable with being
      so far away and with her having to deal with the stress of her friend's
      illness so we cancelled our trip. It's much more important to us that
      SOMEONE who knows Max is here or around most of the time and we felt it was
      too much burden for her to worry about her friend and our cats. She is
      crushed that we cancelled but we are not--my husband said "I could not have
      a good time in HI worrying about Max every minute".....before I even could
      say it.

      Will we try to go again? Well, our next time off is end of August. If all
      his tests remain good during the summer and he's doing well, we'll try. But
      everything will have to be just perfect or we'll stay home. We figure we're
      happiest here anyway :)))

      Sitka,Teddi,Gus,and Max

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      >Subject: Re: [FH] Question - coping
      >Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 21:24:20 -0400
      >Janice, I know others will have different ideas, but we haven't slept away
      >from our home since 1998. I have had several sick cats during that time.
      >Since Mittens has had CRF and HCM I haven't been away from him for more
      >6 hours (this can be difficult since town is an hour away). I also get
      >during the night to feed him. But it's worth it -- he's doing great.
      >But, we really don't have any family, my friends are on the internet, and
      >are very happy at home; that makes a big difference.
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      >From: "Janice" <autumncat@...>
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      >Subject: [FH] Question - coping
      >Hi all.
      >I have been trying to keep up with the conversations going about friends
      >partners being supportive.
      >Has been an interesting read.
      >What I would like some feedback on is how do you all cope with everyday
      >and the commitment to your HCM cat and treatment.
      >I mean - Kirby was diagnosed last July. He gets pills every AM & PM - and
      >sometimes inbetween when needed.
      >Do any of you travel or take vacations? How do you do it?
      >My husband and I used to like to travel a couple of times a year for some
      >sort of vacation - and sometimes to friends for an overnight or weekend
      >visit (we have friends in VA and we live in PA now).
      >Since July we have felt tied to our home. I went to a cousin's MA wedding
      >in October without my husband - he stayed at home to pill Kirby - by
      >himself - which is difficult.
      >We took Kirby with us for my father's 70th birthday and New Years (same
      >day) - but that didn't go real well and we came home early.
      >Now, my hubby has a business trip to Orlando coming up and I can't go with
      >him as planned. I can't pill Kirby myself - so my parents are coming down
      >to stay with me - I also don't like being home alone.
      >I feel guilty leaving Kirby (like for that wedding) and worried something
      >will happen while I am gone. I really know how to read Kirby - and whether
      >he needs extra lasix or spiro. Others who don't live with him everyday
      >probably won't see the changes.
      >Anyway, this was a bit of venting, I guess - but also a request for some
      >coping ideas or mechanisms.
      >Kirby: Male, probable Maine Coon, born approx. 4/92, diagnosed 07-2003 at
      >yrs of age with restrictive HCM (and CHF)
      >Current condition & meds: 13.5 lbs. (down from high of 18lbs), enlarged
      >atrial size (stable), atrial fibrillation w/periodic ventricular ectopathy:
      >grade 2 murmur, Diltiazem 30mg � tab 2x/day; Lanoxin .125mg � tab every
      >other day; Lasix 12.5mg 1 tab 2x day (up to 3 per day if needed); Enalapril
      >2.5mg 1 tab 1x/day; B Vitamin � tab every other day; low dose aspirin 81mg
      >2x week; Spironalactone 25mg � tab as needed; adding Atenolol 25mg � every
      >other day for 2 wks (to increase gradually) - administered via pilling.
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