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16392Re: [FH] Chylothorax

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  • mainecoonsusa@aol.com
    May 2, 2004
      I guess I incorrectly referred to rutin as a homeopathic remedy. *sorry*
      It was an assumption on my part. I have only gone the traditional road for
      treatment with my pets and not homeopathic.

      In any event, Rutin can be purchased at GNC (which is where I bought it).

      If you do a google search on chylothorax and rutin there are many sites
      referencing its use with regard to Chylothorax.

      JoAnn & Connor

      1/2 30 mg Diltiazem 2x a day
      1/2 of 2.5 mg Enalalpril daily
      12.5 mg Lasix daily
      low dose enteric coated Aspirin 2x a week for HCM

      2 puffs AM, 1 puff PM 110 Flovent for Asthma

      In a message dated 5/2/2004 5:56:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, Savionna writes:
      In a message dated 5/1/04 7:44:48 AM, mainecoonsusa@... writes:

      << There is a homeopathic remedy that we tried that I have heard has been
      successful. It's called Rutin. >>

      Just to clarify, in case Stefanie is interested in pursuing complementary

      There is a homeopathic remedy call *Ruta*, derived from the plant rue (Ruta
      graveolens). It does act on the respiratory system (along with the rest of the
      body)...but many remedies do. Homeopathic remedies are prepared in a unique
      way from a variety of substances (incl plants)...and are prescribed according to
      the entire symptom picture of the individual, not the symptoms of a disorder.

      *Rutin* is a bioflavinoid that is found in many plants and that helps
      strengthen capillaries, among other activities. It is available OTC as a nutritional
      supplement (that is, not as a homeopathic) and often included in Vit C
      preprations, with which it may work synergistically, as well as those designed to aid
      varicose veins and broken capillaries. // Rosemary

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