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  • mainecoonsusa@aol.com
    May 1 4:42 AM
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      Hi Stefanie,

      I lost my first Maine Coon cat to Chylothorax on March 13, 1999. He was 12
      years old. I was told that Chylothorax is the accumulation of thorasic fluid
      in the chest cavity. It can be caused by trauma, heart disease, tumors, or it
      can be idiopathic. In Darby's case, it was idiopathic.

      It's my understanding that iftrauma is a cause, it can be from a rip or a
      tear that could have been done when the cat was a kitten. I believe in people,
      this disease is more common in children.

      There is a homeopathic remedy that we tried that I have heard has been
      successful. It's called Rutin.

      I know in recent years that if the cause is found, surgery is an option to
      correct the problem.

      My Darby lived his last 3 weeks at my vets. My vet had inserted a chest tube
      to help relieve the fluid. I remember visiting him every day (this cat had
      never spent a night away from home, unless accompanied by me). I even brought
      in one of my other Maine Coons and we did a blood tranfusion, hoping it would

      Unofortunately, I didn't see any changes and felt that my cat was becoming
      depressed. I made the decision to end his suffering. It was one of the hardest
      things I ever did.

      I do think that it is more common to hear about chylothorax now and that
      surgery is more often attempted to correct it. I know of a cat recently who was
      treated by my cardiologist that was given the surgery. I am not sure who did
      the surgery, though, whether the cardiologist did it or if the cat went to
      another specialist.

      Best of luck to Luther. I hope that your vet can find the problem and he can
      recover from this disease.

      JoAnn & Connor

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      In a message dated 4/30/2004 9:57:32 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      cryptoclearance@... writes:
      My 10 year old cat Luther was just diagnosed with chylothorax
      yesterday. Up until this year, he had been the picture of health
      but was diagnosed with diabetes in January and I've been dealing
      with that. Then, just 3 days ago, I noticed that he was having
      trouble breathing. The vet took a chest x-ray and drew fluid
      (chyle) from his lungs (or thereabouts). She told me the lab
      results indicated that it is not cancerous nor is there an
      infection. She told me it could be from trauma (although I don't
      know how that could have happened). From what she told me and from
      the little I've read about it so far, there seems to be little that
      can be done. I read that it can spontaneously resolve itself but is
      usually fatal. My vet recommended bringing him in next week to
      have the fluid drained again and then if that is no longer working,
      possibly having a shunt put in. I also read that there is a drug
      that researchers have been looking into- my vet did not mention it.
      I don't know anything about this. Does anyone have any experience
      with this? I love my cat so much and I'm not ready to say goodbye
      to him.

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