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  • Linda Fischbach
    Apr 30, 2004
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      Just a reminder to all that even if you give your cat a pill/capsule, it
      must be followed by a "chaser" (a syringe of water or liquidy babyfood) to
      be sure the pill gets into the stomach and doesn't get stuck on the way.


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      It all really depends on your situation. Or maybe its because Toby is still
      on the mild side and only needs his atenolol once a day that makes me feel
      ok about leaving him for a vacation. But here's my take on this, as I am
      new to this as of 10/03 -

      1 - What really saves me, and Toby is also impossible to pill, is having his
      atentolol in pill and compounded liquid form. I save the liquid for when I
      go away, and I would have my mom stay at my house, or a relative come by
      once a day. But in your case its tough, lots more meds and twice a day.
      But its MUCH easier to squirt the liquid down than trying to pill them, if
      you can get someone you trust to come by twice a day. Or is there someone
      you know who can housesit? Maybe they can spend some time with Kirby before
      you go away and learn the signs when he needs more of something. I mush
      Toby's pill in a treat daily, but he will only take treats from me so his
      meds need to be forced down in the liquid when I am away.
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