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  • brinkett
    Apr 27, 2004
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      For us, it depends on what the possibility is that one of the cats
      could go into crisis while we're away. We won't do any travelling
      at this point until Morag has passed away. Because she could have a
      crisis (or even die) at anytime, I just can't leave her. I also
      wouldn't feel right boarding her at the vet where she would be stuck
      in a cage all the time. I want her home in her favorite places as
      much as possible given that her life expectancy isn't very good at
      this point.

      I wouldn't think it fair to have friends or a cat sitter take care
      of her either because it's within the realm of possibility that they
      would have to handle a crisis (or worse). We'd come rushing home at
      that point anyway, no matter where we were, so we might as well stay
      here. And frankly they wouldn't know what to look out for in terms
      of fluid accumulation and I wouldn't want them feeling guilty
      because something happened on their watch.

      When we had a diabetic cat, we did travel because she was stable.

      So as I said, it depends on the situation.

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