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16356Re: [FH] Question - coping

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  • mainecoonsusa@aol.com
    Apr 27 7:52 PM
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      In a message dated 4/27/2004 9:01:39 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      autumncat@... writes:
      What I would like some feedback on is how do you all cope with everyday life
      and the commitment to your HCM cat and treatment.
      I am lucky that Connor is easy to pill.. I have a cat sitter who is very
      good, too, but she's not cheap.

      So I don't go away much anymore either. Not totally because of Connor's
      health, though. I bought a condo last year so am feeling a bit housepoor as well.

      But even when I do go away, I tend to worry so much about Connor that I can't
      wait to get home.

      I have no vacations planned this year excpet maybe going away for a long

      JoAnn & Connor

      1/2 30 mg Diltiazem 2x a day
      1/2 of 2.5 mg Enalalpril daily
      12.5 mg Lasix daily
      low dose enteric coated Aspirin 2x a week for HCM

      2 puffs AM, 1 puff PM 110 Flovent for Asthma

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