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  • Linda Fischbach
    Apr 27, 2004
      Janice, I know others will have different ideas, but we haven't slept away
      from our home since 1998. I have had several sick cats during that time.
      Since Mittens has had CRF and HCM I haven't been away from him for more than
      6 hours (this can be difficult since town is an hour away). I also get up
      during the night to feed him. But it's worth it -- he's doing great.

      But, we really don't have any family, my friends are on the internet, and
      are very happy at home; that makes a big difference.


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      Subject: [FH] Question - coping

      Hi all.
      I have been trying to keep up with the conversations going about friends and
      partners being supportive.
      Has been an interesting read.

      What I would like some feedback on is how do you all cope with everyday life
      and the commitment to your HCM cat and treatment.

      I mean - Kirby was diagnosed last July. He gets pills every AM & PM - and
      sometimes inbetween when needed.

      Do any of you travel or take vacations? How do you do it?

      My husband and I used to like to travel a couple of times a year for some
      sort of vacation - and sometimes to friends for an overnight or weekend
      visit (we have friends in VA and we live in PA now).

      Since July we have felt tied to our home. I went to a cousin's MA wedding
      in October without my husband - he stayed at home to pill Kirby - by
      himself - which is difficult.
      We took Kirby with us for my father's 70th birthday and New Years (same
      day) - but that didn't go real well and we came home early.

      Now, my hubby has a business trip to Orlando coming up and I can't go with
      him as planned. I can't pill Kirby myself - so my parents are coming down
      to stay with me - I also don't like being home alone.
      I feel guilty leaving Kirby (like for that wedding) and worried something
      will happen while I am gone. I really know how to read Kirby - and whether
      he needs extra lasix or spiro. Others who don't live with him everyday
      probably won't see the changes.

      Anyway, this was a bit of venting, I guess - but also a request for some
      coping ideas or mechanisms.

      Kirby: Male, probable Maine Coon, born approx. 4/92, diagnosed 07-2003 at 11
      yrs of age with restrictive HCM (and CHF)

      Current condition & meds: 13.5 lbs. (down from high of 18lbs), enlarged left
      atrial size (stable), atrial fibrillation w/periodic ventricular ectopathy:
      grade 2 murmur, Diltiazem 30mg ½ tab 2x/day; Lanoxin .125mg ¼ tab every
      other day; Lasix 12.5mg 1 tab 2x day (up to 3 per day if needed); Enalapril
      2.5mg 1 tab 1x/day; B Vitamin ¼ tab every other day; low dose aspirin 81mg
      2x week; Spironalactone 25mg ¼ tab as needed; adding Atenolol 25mg ¼ every
      other day for 2 wks (to increase gradually) - administered via pilling.

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