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16146Is tachycardia ever benign?

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  • Susan
    Apr 6, 2004
      --- William Draper <wedraper@...> wrote:
      > yeah, that's definitely too fast for an HCM cat. i
      > was giving normal ranges in a healthy cat to display
      > the wide variety of normal HRs.
      > bill
      > dvm in 2005

      From my reading I have gotten the impression that a
      fast heart rate if it is sustained for a long enough
      period of time can cause mechanical damage to the
      heart. I know I saw a reference once to the statement:
      if a heart beats (some really big number) of times per
      minute, in 3 weeks that heart will be in CHF.

      I do know that my cat was put on atenolol not because
      of his borderline hypertrophy, but because of a
      "hyperkinetic heart that is unrelated to the anxiety
      of the kitten". I suppose just the fact that the heart
      is beating too fast suggests some type of disfunction,
      as I don't suppose there can be a benign reason for

      With male cats being overrepresented among felines
      with HCM I cannot help wondering if something that is
      specific to male cats, for instance territorial
      stress, which in theory would result in elevated
      circulating catecholamines could be one etiology in
      feline HCM?


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