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16134Re: [FH] Sarah, Susan & William--thanks

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  • William Draper
    Apr 5, 2004
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      the normal range of heart rates for a cat is enormous. it ranges from 100 (asleep) to 240 (right before it freaks out). there is less hard data on cats than dogs, so their normal ranges tend to be a bit wider.

      dvm in 2005
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      From: bubblet2002
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      Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 3:41 PM
      Subject: [FH] Sarah, Susan & William--thanks

      Hi and thanks for the good info. I feel much relieved about the
      potassuim issue after reading these. Zoe is difficult to medicate
      (there is just no chance of "pilling" her) She gets her meds in a
      slurry of canned food gravy and if she becomes suspicious (the feral
      girl in her) I have a back-up of transdermal for her little ears.
      Wish we could have the blood work, fluid drain and echo/sono gram but
      vets says (and I must agree) the stress is likely to kill her.
      I will start her on 1/2 baby aspirin every 3days and see if she
      William, I read your post that said HR 200 is top of normal. I
      thought 200 was extreme... Zoe seems to have 200 anytime i pick her
      up, but she's very suspicious of the stethescope and of any attention
      i give her (she likes being in my lap as long as it is her decision
      and I don't talk to her, look at her , touch her or move too much!!)
      so it may be lower most of the time.
      anyway, many thanks for the info. and support
      phyllis & zoe

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