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15868can someone answer a question for me

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  • Morticia
    Mar 5, 2004
      Hi Everyone,

      I am going nuts right now waiting for Spazz to get back from the
      vet. This morning I noticed ALOT of blood in his stool when he used
      the litter box. I called the vet right away and they said to bring
      him in immediately. My husband is there with him now. Can anyone
      tell me if this can be part of the HCM that would make this happen
      to him. He was very playful this morning, and he hasnt acted like
      anything is different or painful for him. He is eating and drinking
      normally. I do not know what this can be, or if anyone can give me
      any ideas. I just don't want to sit here no longer wondering what is
      happening to my baby. I am sooo sad and upset,,,any info will be so
      appreciated. Once again thank you all for your support.

      Morticia & Spazz
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